Removal and Edit Requests

A whistle-stop guide to what might and might not be accepted

I understand that those featured on this site may wish for me to make changes to their entries, or remove them entirely, and, for the most part, that's okay! However, I cannot guarantee that these requests will be honoured. My main priority on this website is to accurately and honestly promote things which I like, and any removal or edit requests must bear this in mind.

Obviously some requests will require you to prove you have the authority and permission to represent the individual, such as requesting a removal or substantial edit, but typo spotting or catching mistakes is always welcome! I do like to be made aware of such matters so don't think I'm trying to send you away, the following list is meant to highlight the transparency and neutrality of the site, not "I don't want to talk to you".

Requests I will DENY
  • Removal of an entry due to negative commercial representation, i.e. where I point out valid flaws in you or your business
    • This includes any attempts at limiting freedom of speech for commercial gain
  • Any removal request where I have little confidence that you offically represent the individual or entity
  • Requesting for any advertising to appear on your entry
    • This includes asking for money in order to keep an entry up
Requests I may consider
  • Requesting an edit to better represent updated branding or phrasing guidelines
    • As long as it remains commercially impartial, and is submitted purely for sake of consistency
  • Inclusion of new content, or a complete updated re-writing of the entry
  • Partial removal, i.e. from my social media pages
    • Given a valid reason, such as if brigading or bullying were to occur
  • Requesting advertising or content be removed from your entry due to your personal beliefs, such as religion or morals
  • Replacing images on your entry with specific ones
    • Please make sure you own the rights to any images, and are willing to grant them to be displayed here.
    • The use of all copyrighted imagery obtained from official sources falls under fair use on this website, as entries are a commentary on the individual or entity.
Requests I am likely to approve
  • Fixing a factual error, typo or other mistake, including on social media pages
  • Updating social media links, images or other assets which are outdated
  • Visual, functional or performance issues with the website
  • Security or safeguarding issues
  • Misrepresentations, misendorsements, misquotes or factual errors which may harm an individual or entity without my knowledge

If you think your request is okay, send an email over to (this covers edits and anything on this page, too). Please make sure you provide a full link to any relevant pages on this site or externally, and provide identification and proof of representation if required. Don't hesitate to contact me if you're unsure if your request fits under the acceptable category, this is a warning to those with misplaced intentions rather than a list of rules. I'm always happy to help!

For all other inquries, or just to say hello, take a look at our contact page.

Thank you for your time and assistance, benefitting the community, myself included.